Design of Pool Enclosures

Pool Enclosure owners love autumn. When the weather turns cooler you can still enjoy the fall colours and a swim in your pool right in your own backyard. Watch the leaves fall to the ground slowly or watch them blow around over your enclosure but not in your pool. Or share a drink with a friend on the patio on a cool fall night. This is all possible with the benefits of owning retractable swimming pool enclosure.

The thought of closing the pool reminds everyone summer is over and the backyard is only limited to building a snowman in winter, but not swimming. And the pool needs to be closed quickly before the avalanche of leaves falls into the pool and turns it into a swamp. The thought of cleaning the pool and being too cold to swim does not make you work faster with the cool breeze blowing. Just the thought of closing your pool on a cool autumn day makes you think you should have closed it earlier. But with telescopic pool enclosures there is no need to worry about leaves, the cool breeze or cleaning pool. You can enjoy the backyard all year long not just for snow angels in winter but pool parties and family get gathers throughout the winter.

indoor pool

Winterizing a pool is a standard practise in Canada or northern United States. It’s a must; the pool will freeze, after the first frost, into a skating ring. The beauty is you don’t need to vacuum the pool just to close it down for another 8 months of the year or hope you can keep the pool open just a little longer before the frost hits. No waiting for spring to clean the worms and other creatures that died over the fall and in the spring turning your pool into pea soup of decaying creatures. With a Pool Enclosure just continue using it all year long. You don't have to hope for sun and swim anytime and share a day of fun with friends.

On a cold frosty clear day in January the sun will warm your heart and soul with the sun shining thought the polycarbonate roof panels. Letting the light in but keeping the cold out. The high ceiling and deck area or patio around the pool allows you to have a pool snow party in winter. Open the doors to roll in the snow or make snow angels making you feel alive and young and then run into the warm pool water for a refreshing plunge. This is living; this is enjoying Mother Nature at its finest.

Before you decide to get a swimming pool for the backyard consider a swimming pool enclosure as well.  It will make the swimming pool investment well worth it. Year round pool enclosures use, no closing the pool.  Swim anytime, any day, even on a rainy long week in the middle of summer when they called for sun.

A tree bursting with lilacs or a bowl of steaming oatmeal are the thoughts of summer and winter, but with pool enclosure you can have both. A hot meal in a warm, safe environment in the enclosure and still go for a swim. Sharehope of swimming year long.